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I am pleased to write that this site is for all my ideas whether they are original, obsolete, scientific, personal, painful, joyous, spiritual, or other. I will not be discriminating against my thoughts. They will each get a chance to be honored or considered at the very least.

I appreciate the time and patience of my audience whom I hope will enjoy what I create and have an open mind about the format or content on this site.


Hello there! I am an enthusiast of many topics. I started out interested in entomological research while studying biology, jumped to landscaping, then back to the lab as a chemistry lab tech, and now I am a striving artist pushing herself into the field of biotechnology. Ultimately, I am working towards a job where I can learn real-life skills and help many people on their life journey to find their purpose. My passions are broad as I enjoy ceramics, painting (watercolor and oil), vegan nutrition and cooking, running and tennis, entomology, worldviews, languages, programing (this website is yikes! I know), educational reform, e-learning design and technology, and learning about all people of the world (traveling).

This site was started in 2017 to act as a supplement to the resume I was building for graduate studies. I had wanted to appear more knowledgeable to future schools or employers and a site full of original accomplishments, research, or ideas seemed to be one way to do this. Yet, the more I invested in this site, the more I found myself unsure of what to post––probably because a lot of information has been published elsewhere and I was too focused on making my content purely scientific rather than original. That is asking a lot from one individual and I was not fair to myself. 


Unfortunately, I never asked myself earlier about why I was struggling to choose one thing to obsess on. I just pushed myself to think harder about what content or opportunities would boost my academic repertoire. In retrospect, I think that my writing and speculating were holding me back from doing. I needed to be mentally active beyond the internet and to be purposeful in my decisions or else the plans I imagined would never blossom due to stress or disinterest.



Polish Language Update
(Can I turn 7 years old yet?)
November 10, 2023 
A Major Change
November 20, 2023 
Education Analysis
(Study Abroad based)
December 2023
Artwork Portfolio
(Ceramics and Watercolor)
December 2023



Just a quick video of a Grapevine Hoplia (Pelidnota punctata) being friendly with me. This beetle was taken from a rotted Norway Maple stump in Mount Wolf, PA as a larva on April 20, 2017. Its transformation from larva to pupa...

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